Sunday, June 29, 2008


noting to say
just goodbye tata(but just 4 a while k~ haha)

if u missing me
moh la datang nilai


Saturday, June 7, 2008



today i went to tok teh's kenduri in manjung
today its raining from the day till at night...*sian org kenduri arini*
when i was in my way back i'd saw many accident u noe...
neway its normal rite
da tau ujan bwk laju2 lg..

tp ne satu incident yg lg dahsyat...
happened kat roti segar
my famly dropped there to break for solat
then went to the restaurant
urh..ade sorg ne..waitress dy...
waduh2 sgt la impolite nye!
time dy sent our oders tu..tgn letak bihun sup atas meja, mate tgk cte industan kat tv!! mau je aku x pe...sabo lagi...
then dy lupe psal sambal kicap bihun sup tu ade lg atas dulang, dy tros angkat dulang tu(mate still tgk cte industan tu..ish2)
then smbal tu jatuh and splashed
kene sape?
cik kak ne mmg nak kne la..
da la bju kurung aku baru 1st time pkai tu..
seb bek kat rest..kalo x da kne fly kick dush2 ngn aku~
xpe2...sabo je la~

malam td kuar lg..
pg billion plak
my bro nak balek asrama sok, so pg bli barang dy la kan..
on d way back td pon ad lg accident~
but this rily happen just in front me
actually besides our car
its raining..
tapi ade gk kete ne bawak laju gile!
kebal sgt la tu kot...
then that car stop tibe2 cos nak masuk simpang
ape lg kete blakang dy tu pon da duk kat belah org masok simpang bwk laju2
1st thought that it just the sound of car splashed water
tp rupenye accident
tp yg lawaknye
kete yg langgar dr blakang tu lari
kejap je dy da hilang~
pdn mke due-due
spe suh bwk laju2 time ujan kan, da la malam
sekadar renungan~

i just bought new novel u noe~
rily excited to read
i haven't finished dora's yet
there's 2 more to go;
1.girlhood geography(where i had forgotten some of the storyline)
2.does my head look big in this? (rily interesting!!nah i dont lie..kan dora~ very2 interesting book..i hope to meet that randa abdel fateh~ haha)

my new book ways to live forever
by sally nicholls

i had read some early pages n found it was realy interesting..about sam, a boy who suffured luekemia n has high hope to do such weird things in his doing a research on alien, going to space..haha~ this kinda funny n some said this is a sad story that can make u cry...i tell more when i finished that i can't finished before i go to inti college this july..hakss~

drop here to get more about this book