Thursday, December 9, 2010

Photo booth-ing

Kenapa entah hari-hari bukak MyUniSA check results.
Tak sabar sangat ke nak dapat results...?

So these several days I cuma duduk rumah tanpa buat apa-apa.
I am really looking foward to visit Taiping once sebab dah lama tak pergi sana.
Tapi tak tau lah bila boleh pergi =_='

Jadi.. inilah hasil usaha orang tak ada kerja. Tad-daaa~

Ps: ingat nak tidur lepas habis tulis ni tapi Farid kol pagi-pagi buta ni dari UK without cosidering the time, which it is already 5 in the morning in Malaysia, I better wait for the Subuh.

Oh and I did ask him about one thing that always made me curious "betul ke kat Cambridge tu banyak nerdy?". Haha it looks silly but I really wanna know. He said "memang ada la yang macam tu, nerd genius gila, tapi ada je yang manusia normal."

Well, ok I am satisfied with that answer XD

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Melbourne - 2nd day

Hari ni baru masuk hari ke-2 di Melbourne.
Tapi setakat ni dah kali ke-3 beli Milkis.
Addicted betul lah.

Kali ni shopping sikit-sikit je kat Victoria Market sebab duit pon dah nak kering ni.

Ps: sekarang orang lain pon dah asyik nak beli jugak, since kedai Korea tu depan rumah Jenny je. dah ada 7 botol Milkis kat rumah ni at this time.

Monday, November 29, 2010



Here it is! Hari ni sampai Melbourne.
The first thing I got in my mind was to buy Milkis.
And now I have 2 bottles of them and will buy some more before leaving for Malaysia later XD

Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Hero

Oh it's been a week since our internet got suspended by our provider.
That was the longest week in our life because we had to survive the loneliest days at home with only 4 people left and doing nothing after the examination over.
Plus, the day in summer is longer than the night. The sun rises at 5.30 am and sets at 8.00pm everyday ok.
But luckily we have it back now. Err, I mean the internet. So no more babbling about this, or at least until we got suspended again. Ha ha ha - not funny.

Ok now, I remember one scenario we experienced while having our time wasted at the city last several days.

We were waiting the bus at King William road at around 10.00pm after coming back from The Pancake House. So it was just like any other nights. We chose to sit at the brighter stop for safety.

But suddenly something happened.
We got provoke by a guy. I think it's better not to mention him in detail.
I got to say that this was not the first time, but the guy was not just talking to us. He was yelling at us. And worst he was f**king us, in front of other people.
How I wish I could have superpower and just kick his ass to shut up. Or... if I have superpower than why on earth do I need to wait for the bus while I can just fly back home? Rite?

Oops sorry.

Ok. Then is when we heard someone from the back said,

"Hey you, take a step back. Leave them alone. You wanna have a talk? Just chat with me bro. And leave them alone."

We all were like,

"Whoaaaa.... who's that? He's so brave, and handsome too"

I am not lying. He's kinda good looking. A little bit. Haha. And of course he's so gentleman. He argued with the guy for like one or two minute and that guy just went away. Sadly we hadn't got the chance to say thank you because he rode the bus so early. All that we know is that he's an Asian.
Well, thanks mate for the help!

So there goes my one week without internet connection. From today, it only 3 days left before we leave for Melbourne. And later, on this day we are going to Adelaide Zoo to see kangaroo. Seriously, after 10 months staying here, I've never ever see any kangaroo in front of my eyes. Not even one. But I did for koala. I saw a lot of them before at Morialta Park XD


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Goodbye Photoshop!

You look just like me!
Berry fairy
Too big for me!
It melts in my hands
The best view
Sharing Traffic

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Aidiladha (and Exam)

Esok 16 November Adelaide dah raya.
Officially sekarang dah raya la maksudnya since dah after magrib kan.
So Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha buat semua ;)

Dan yang paling penting esok saya ada paper Construction Science.
Luckily paper tu petang.
Then I have the chance to go to the solat raya.
Jom, Adelaide Mosque esok pagi semua!

Ps: Malam ni study sambil pasang takbir raya... Allahuakbar!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

That we're tough guys and we have feelings

Check this out. It's the latest post from Ryan.
The song is actually a parody but it turn out so cool.

Listen to the part which they sang it like:

"Wake up see a sunrise
Let it free fall from your eyes
Start my day and I read a sonnet
Got got soft cheek with a tear on it"

Naah who read sonnet and cry? LOL

Ok here's the full lyric ta-daah!

Here it comes
Can't you see
That we're tough guys and we have feelings.
Take my hand
Close your eyes
With you right here
Imma shed a tear and cry
Don't be afraid to cry cry
You can still be a manly guy guy
Just cry.
Don't be afraid to cry cry
Let it free fall from your eyes eyes

Wake up see a sunrise
Let it free fall from your eyes.
Start my day and I read a sonnet
Got got a soft cheek with a tear on it.
Step out and the skies are clear
I'm a man and I have no fear.
Take a step and I land in crap.
I let it out, no holding back.

Baby we can go out on a first date.
But you come and pick me up half an hour late.
Girl I'm not gonna lie, that you almost made me cry,
But I'm a masculine man ill be ok.
Yeah, your place, toy story 3
the greatest all time kid's movie.
But I forgot, Andy leaves Woody,
And now the tears are coming right back over me.

Song Written by:
Ryan Higa
Kevin Wu (Kevjumba)

Ps: Yeah rite now I seriously am wasting my STUDY time lallalala~

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hello sini balai polis!...

Ini kejadian siang tadi dekat Rundle Mall.

Since banyak kedai-kedai tengah sale so kami pun pergi shopping souvenir untuk family. Tapi bila nak beli shirt untuk Ayah, size pulak tak sure. Thus I decided to call him on the spot.

At first attempt,

line Three buat problem. I guessed call masuk tapi dua-dua tak dapat dengar suara. I hung up the phone.

Then second attempt,

my handphone Samsung pulak tertekan mute (touchscreen hampeh). I heard suara Ayah macam marah je,

" Hello nak cakap dengan siapa?! "

and then he hung up. He should be thinking ada orang saja main-main call la tu. Yelah kalau call dari sini memang keluar no. lain kat Malaysia.

So my very last attempt (since I really really need to know the size),

this time I'm already aware with any possibilities. Lama jugak tunggu baru Ayah angkat call and he said,


I then just calmly replied,

"Ayah, ni Nana la."


See, dah boleh agak dah since bukannya first time pun.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Last Airbender review

I know lately I kind of updating this blog like everyday even I should be studying for the final exam. It's SWOT Vac Ok SWOT Vac!

But I couldn't help not to post this. Just now I went (as in visiting the website) to Happeepill. Since the new episodes is not coming out yet so I read EB's review on new movies.

The Last Airbender. Yup I picked that one because I really love the cartoon but somehow feel sad with the cast. My charming Prince Zuko is played by the boy from that Slumdog Millionaire?

But that's not the point here. What really made me burst out laughing was this excerpt;

"The Last Airbender is originally from a cartoon, or so I’ve been told. I am totally unfamiliar with the original storyline and characters but that don’t matter to me. Basically the story is about 4 nations that can control the elements; fire, air, water and earth.

So that means.. if you belong to the Water Nation, you can magically turn water as weapons after you perform some specific tai chi moves. Since there is a lot of fighting among nations, be prepared for a lot of tai chi scenes.
" - EB

( Ok credit first, it's from )

What? Tai chi?
I've finished watching all the 3 books of this series long time ago. I've never realised that the bending is about the same as tai chi. Now when I see people doing tai chi perhaps I would think that they are doing the air bending.
HAHA nice one EB!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

'Sayang adik kakak...'

Pak Yun tagged video ni kat fb.
Diorang syok betul ye bercuti kat Ipoh.
Pergi Cameron Highland lagi tu. Ish, tak aci.
Ni yang tak sabar dah nak balik Malaysia *semangat berkobar-kobar*

Dengar tu, 'sayang adik kakak...' abang x payah ok.
- Vee(cousin), Nina, Syafiq -

Ini macam suara orang yang record video lagi banyak dari budak-budak je.

Ps: Menu hari ke-2 cendawan ialah; Kuetiaw goreng cendawan. Ok mulalah gatal-gatal sebab makan udang, since ubat allergic tu hilang mana entah.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cendawan dan Spongebob

Mushroom heaven! Sekotak ni lelong $2 je

Oooh boleh buat roti spongebob hari-hari.

See ;)


Memang minggu ni kerja kami serumah duk menghabiskan cendawan ni je la. Semua orang dah dalam SWOT Vac, so sambil study sambil bercendawan.
Oh, dan roti spongebob jugak.

Friday, November 5, 2010

It's killing me

I'm so obsessed with this. It's super cute.

However, did you read that?
Nana feels emo.

Not that I'm emo at anyone or anything, but somehow at my own self. I can say, by being the eldest in the family really makes me adopt this one thing called ego.

Yeah, when you hate people asking you to do this and that yet you unconsciously did the same, you are in serious problem.
But at least I know that I did wrong rite? Haish I'm so confused.

Damn, this thing is killing me =_='

Ps: After awhile I feel like, "Miley, can you just shut up!"

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mi Estado de Animo

Benda alah ni sangat comel ;)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Semangat yang hilang

Hari ni terasa macam baru dilahirkan!

LAME ke?
Tak kesah, sebab hari macam ni bukan selalu datang.
Ini lah yang dinamakan hari Semangat Nak Study Dah Datang.
Believe me.

Walaupun mengantuk dalam kelas tapi tetap gagah menyalin despite tulisan yang buruk. No worries, I'm already expert in this. (cuma mungkin nanti nak study balik kena refer notes orang lain)

Melukis pon bukan satu masalah ;)

Lepas kelas tadi pulak, JayJays buat sale besar punya.
Ok to tell the truth, I bought one piece for myself and two for my brothers.
See, saya kakak penyayang.

Sehelai $5. Balik nanti mintak RM15 sorang. HAHA.

Bila sampai rumah pulak, kad raya dari Egypt dah ada! Thanks Dora! (even dah nak dekat raya haji dah)
Setem Tutankhamun emas tu paling menarik.

Tak tahu nak kira. Berapa pound berapa genih ni semua? Tapi yang macam donut tu comel.


Thursday, October 21, 2010


'Elmo's up Elmo's down Elmo's running around...'

Haha. That's just too funny to listen out of other lyrics. That video reminds me of how I hate Sesame Street back there when I was young, even though I did watch it. Weird huh?

p/s: I'm not posting the video here since it's Katy Perry's - if you know what I mean.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Partition and back up

I can't sleep until now, which it is already 4.41 in the morning, thanks to Boot Camp Assistant. It takes me the whole bloody long way to do the hard disk partition for windows. Yet up to rite now I'm still in the midst of backing up my mac HD and it's like taking forever. Well you know, the 'transferring' process is so annoying because you have to wait and wait for it to finish. Worst if you have a large store of movies and musics in it just like my case (can't help because my external 320G hd is full too).

I've done all the procedures and steps told by the forumers regarding this troubleshooting so what I am expecting here is for the boot camp to run smoothly after this backing up process ended. Otherwise I think I'm going crazy for finishing another 5 photoshop projects at the uni during SWOT Vac. Oh please I don't want to do that! Ottoke? Haish geramnye.


Saturday, October 16, 2010




Friday, October 8, 2010


"I have finally come to stand in front of the target, until I have shot all the arrows given to me, I have no thoughts of giving up." - Sungkyunkwan Scandal 6:3

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Haritu Hazim send satu file ni tru Skype.
Selalunya kalau depe dok send file apa lagi kalau bukan pasal Syafiq dengan Nina.

Pause the song and click the play button above.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I am innocent

At last I'm back at home!
Lepas 3 hari stay over kat rumah Faiqah, malam ni terubat rindu kat katil sendiri.

Sekarang ni masih dalam cuti sekolah 2 minggu. Bak kata Kak Ami dari Bandung tu, "liburannya 2 minggu ya.".

Tapi assignment menimbun ni memang buatkan 2 minggu rasa macam 2 hari. Esok terpaksa ke sekolah lagi siapkan assignment Structures 1.

Oops! Fine, I should take out 'terpaksa' and replace it with 'need' I guess.

Yeah that's sound better and... NERD.
No no andwea andwea, it sound more... INNOCENT.
Kan? =_=

Saturday, September 18, 2010

IMY and ILY so much

It's September.
I really can't wait for December to come!

Tak sabar rasanya nak balik rumah, and I mean rumah di Ipoh.
Ada banyak benda yang saya sangat rindu selain keluarga.
Ada banyak benda yang dah lama saya tinggalkan sejak datang Adelaide.

Rumahku syurgaku, Home sweet home ;)


Eventhough sometimes I do put my skills to the max when I had you parking, still I really really really miss you!


You, I know I barely touch you, I don't care much about you, that's because you are always hard to me. Your clutch, your steering, your gear, are all very hard that make me so stress. But now I do miss you so much too. I know you are classic =_=


And you, I still can't face the fact that you've gone. I haven't got the chance to say my last goodbye to you. I really love you so much. I hope your new owner will love you as I did and take good care of you T_T


You, the shining one! At first I feel sad because you are auto. Since Kancil is not around anymore, I thought Ayah will choose the manual one as I do love driving with having gears. But then, when I saw you, I can't wait to see you. Be nice until I come back OK!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hello Kakak Nana!

Semalam saya called kampung, sempat cakap dengan opah, mak cik, mama, dan ayah.
Bila nak cakap dengan budak-budak kecik saja, ini yang terjadi...

Nina: Hello kakak Nana, kakak Nana tengah buat ape? Nina tengah main ni. Dengan Ibrahim dengan Ismail. Hikhikhik. Ok lah bye!

Eh eh kejap la... tak sempat cakap lagi la..

Syafiq: Kakak Nana, kakak tengah buat ape?

Adik! Adik buat ape? Main ke?

Syafiq: Aah adik main. Kakak buat ape?

Tak buat ape-ape lah dik.

Syafiq: Ok lah bye kakak!

Eh alaaaa adikkkk...

Ismail: Kakak Nana!

Mail! Buat ape tu? Main jugak eh?

Ismail: Mail main. Ok bye!


Sending them off back to Sydney. Ecah dan Izzah je, as usual Sue Ray tukang ambek gamba ;)

p/s: Harini semangat dah berkobar-kobar nak buat presentation Thomas Lavezzari tapi kena postpone after Spring Holiday sebab Andy dah penat T_T
Tengok lah, even seminggu je cukup buat saya lupa everything semua yang dah prepared, inikan lagi 2 minggu.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Kami sambut raya dengan bunga api saja >_<

Friday, September 10, 2010

Aidilfitri 2010

Selamat hari raya Aidilfitri.
Maaf zahir dan batin andai ada terkasar bahasa terkecilkan hati.

Raya di Adelaide tidaklah terlalu suram, tapi tak lah seseronok Malaysia.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Assignment 1 dah siap, assignment 2 menyusul.
A question of size.
Idea.. datanglah idea!

p/s: Harini first time guna Woolies punya self check-in kaunter. Dulu guna Coles punya je pernah.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Diari Ramadhan: 22 - September

Selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan Malaysia tanggal 31 Ogos semalam.

Hari ini sudah pon 1 September 2010.
Musim bunga di Adelaide ni masih belum betul-betul menampakkan serinya, walaupun cuaca sekarang dah makin sedikit panas dari sebelum-sebelum ni. Hopefully dalam masa terdekat ni, bunga-bunga bakal menguntum!

Ramadhan pon hampir nak berlalu dalam lebih kurang seminggu saja lagi.
Selalu nya waktu-waktu macam ni saya akan mula bertanya pada ayah sama ada tahun ni kami akan beraya di Johor atau di Sungai Siput.
Tapi tahun ni saya terlupa nak tanya walaupun selalu telefon ke rumah =_=

Rindu bunga api dan mercun

Raya 2009

Friday, August 20, 2010

Diari Ramadhan: 10 - Ayah zaman muda

Pejam celik pejam celik tup tap tup tap dah 10 Ramadhan.
Bila difikir-fikir balik, terisi tak sepertiga bulan yang berlalu tu dengan sebaiknya?
Bak kata orang, tepuk dada tanya iman.
Hanya Jauhari yang mengenal Manikam. Siapa Manikam? Hanya Jauhari lah yang kenal... (merepek je).

* * *

Tadi saya ternampak satu album Seratas di fb home. Dalam album tu ada gambar-gambar zaman lama yang saya pon memang tak kenal super senior tu semua. Tapi saya suka tengok sebab nak cari gambar Ayah dengan Mak Chik. Tengok dan tengok, saya terjumpa jugak satu gambar Ayah dalam album tu. Gambar ni mungkin gambar waktu zaman awal-awal 90an kalau tak silap.

Tak tau lah kenapa Ayah tadah tangan, nanti kena tanya ni.

Cuma bila saya baca komen-komen ex-students kat bawah tu, saya discovered something yang lawak.

Siapa Lee Roy?

Dulu Ayah pernah jugak cerita pasal nama dia diconteng dekat dinding depan komputer lab (sebab garang kot), tapi tak pernah pulak cerita pasal Lee Roy ni. Mungkin Ayah tak tau lah. Haha...

p/s: Kena suruh ayah buat fb la lepas ni.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Diari Ramadhan: 6 - Budak bandar

" Ada ular ke?"
"Tak de....."
"Ada ikan jaws ke?"
"Tak de....."
"Ada buaya ke?"
"Tak de....."
"Cepatlahhh budak bandar!.."
That term!
'budak bandar'
Dulu-dulu masa kecik saya pernah guna term ni bila described cucu jiran kami yang datang dari KL.
Waktu tu macam nak kutuk lah yang budak KL ni sombong tak macam budak Ipoh (modal bersembang dengan geng sepermainan setaman), tapi hakikatnya saya pon pernah tinggal di KL selepas berpindah dari Taiping, dari umur 2 tahun sampailah ke darjah 3, sebelum pindah ke Ipoh. (panjang jugak salah silah perpindahan ni bila ditulis)
Kesimpulannya, budak Taiping ke, KL ke, Ipoh ke, semua sama saja kan...
p/s: Walaupun masih di awal Ramadhan, perasaan nak pulang beraya di kampung tu memang membuak-buak (sebab tak dapat balik raya) lagi-lagi bila tengok iklan-iklan raya di TV, eh salah, di Youtube tu >_<

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Diari Ramadhan: 2

Baru saja hari kedua puasa, salam perantauan kami serumah dah masuk surat khabar Utusan Malaysia hari ni.
Terima kasih buat Rabiah yang tolong alert kan kami di status facebook pagi tadi.
Tak sangka pulak keluar seawal ni.

Apa-apa pun, baik kita gunakan bulan Ramadhan ni sepenuhnya sementara masih awal.

p/s: hari ni berbuka dalam kelas lagi >_<

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Diari Ramadhan: 1

Waktu berbuka puasa di Adelaide hari ni ialah pada pukul 5.43 petang.
Sekarang jam di desktop ni dah pon pukul 5.40 dan kami masih lagi dalam kelas.
Andy pulak masih belum start mengajar.

Macam ni lah berpuasa di sini, kena compromise dengan macam-macam hal, contohnya seperti kelas yang sampai ke malam ni.

Jadi hari ni kami berbuka dengan air mineral dan gula-gula mentos dulu.
Tapi jangan risau, menu tambahan lain tetap ada nanti.
Alhamdulillah ;)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jumpa lagi, Syaaban

Salam Ramadhan!
Malam ni Adelaide hujan, membasahi 1 Ramadhan dengan rahmat ♥

Selamat berpuasa dan selamat beramal.

p/s: Rasa nak spend beberapa dollar untuk kirim kad raya ke Malaysia tahun ni. Jadi siapa nak kad raya? Kalau nak sila bagi alamat tempat tinggal ;)


ٱقۡرَأۡ بِٱسۡمِ رَبِّكَ ٱلَّذِى خَلَقَ
Proclaim! (or Read!) in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, Who created

Baca dan faham, moga kita sentiasa dalam panduan Al-Quran insyAllah ;)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Best picture of the month

Perisher Valley, July 2010

Dalam banyak-banyak gambar winter trip haritu, saya paling suka gambar yang ini.
Gambar ni terserlah betapa desperatenya kami nak snow turun tapi tak da. Jadi terpaksalah main campak-campak sendiri je.
Satu lagi sebab mafla Spain yang dipakai tu. Terasa hangatnya kemenangan Spain walaupun sejuk bak salju kat situ. (thanks Jiha kasik pinjam)

Apa-apa pun, berbalik kepada masa sekarang, tinggal 2 hari saja lagi nak masuk bulan Ramadhan.

Selamat berpuase buat kome semua. Moh kite imarahkan Ramadhan kali ni. InsyAllah ;)

p/s: Gambar credit to album Y kat fb.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Kisah Ifa Diego

Macam yang biasa berlaku, masa kami nak balik ke rumah dari sekolah tadi, bas W90 terlepas depan mata je.
Nak tak nak 15-20 minit lagi baru bas seterusnya sampai.
Kami pun main permainan yang selalu kami main untuk hilangkan bosan menunggu bas.

Ifa: Ok Nana, cuba hang carik rabbit.

Nana: Rabbit? Hum... Mana ni... (beberapa saat kemudian) Oh tu ha, tadi bas M44 tu lindung!

Ifa: Haha besar kan, dia pandang hang la Nana. (Ifa memang suka cakap benda pelik macam ni)

Nana: Ok tak pa Ifa, carik Austin pulak.

Ifa: Perkataan ke ape?

Nana: Mana aci bagi clue. Carik je lah.

Ifa: Tak pe la, clue sikit je.

Nana: Tak boleh. Cepat carik, aku dah ada idea lagi satu ni.

Ifa: Kejap la! (Setelah agak lama) Ala... tak tau lah.

Nana: Haha surrender ke?

Ifa: Aah.

Nana: Tu Austin St sana tu. Yeay Ifa kalah!

Ifa: Ala jauh tu, mana nak nampak!

Nana: Ape pulak, ok la tu. Hang yang tak terror.

Ifa: Ok o bagi hang lagi satu. Carik.. Aurion.

Nana: Boleh nampak dari sini tak? Dia tak bergerak kan? Tak aci la kalau bergerak tau. (Pusing-pusing lama jugak) Mana ni Ifa..
Oh! Tu dekat kereta biru tu! Haha yes!

Ifa: Haha (gelak kalah). Tengok, o bagi hang dekat je, hang tadi bagi jauh.

Nana: Eleh, tak de la jauh mana pun. Ok next, Hanoi.

Ifa: Hanoi? (Lama sampai bas dah datang pun tak jumpa-jumpa lagi)
Eh bas dah sampai la. Mana nye?

Nana: HAHA! Ok la aku bagitau, tu dekat newspaper hang pegang tu la. Hehe...

Ifa: Mana aci kat surat khabar!!

Nana: Ape pulak, aku bagi lagi dekat, hang yang pegang sendiri paper tu kan.
Yeay 2-0. Ifa kalah ;P

Ifa naik bas dengan tak puas hati.
Dalam bas boleh lagi nak main sebab tak nak kalah punya pasal.
Kesian Ifa >_<

p/s: Dah la sebenarnya terpaksa balik cepat walaupun tak nak, sebab kami kena menyamak tangan akibat terpegang 'beg cantik' di Strandbags tadi. Harus lebih berhati-hati lepas ni.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Half a pair

This piece of my contact lenses is damaged without reason.
The worst part is that it should be at least lasted for a month after being opened, but this is only one week old.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sedikit sebanyak

Tanggal 1 Ogos ni, winter hanya tinggal 31 hari saja lagi. Spring bakal menyusul secara official pada 1 September nanti walaupun pertukaran musim tak lah boleh dijangka-jangka dengan tarikh yang tepat.
Hakikatnya musim sejuk ni memang banyak cabaran. Bila malam lagi panjang dari siang, jam baru pukul 10 atau 11 dah mengantuk. Belum sempat lagi nak study lecture note esok. Jari pula sejuk beku, susah nak menulis.
Tak sabar rasanya nak sampai ke spring. Tak sabar nak tengok bunga-bunga mekar ditambah harmoni warna-warni.

10 hari lagi Ramadhan juga bakal tiba. Bulan yang penuh berkat. Saya rasa semua orang mesti harapkan yang terbaik kan? Moga-moga insyAllah, Ramadhan kali ini kita sambut dengan berbesar hati dan kita penuhkan dengan amalan yang besar-besar. BESAR PUNYA!

Saya rasa dah 2 kali pun saya post entry tentang jadual semester2 ni. 2 hari dalam seminggu saya ada kelas sampai ke malam, dan 2 kali seminggu jugaklah saya kena berbuka dalam kelas. Tapi tak pa, paling tidak saya ada makanan, tak macam orang lain yang jauh lebih susah. Sekolah sem ni pun saya harap lebih menarik dari sem lepas sebab, satu-satunya kelas Computer Manipulated Photography A tu ada ramai perempuan. Selalunya kami 3 orang la perempuan-perempuan Melayu terakhir dalam kelas dan dikelilingi mat-mat salleh. Tapi kelas yang ini berbeza. Ramai perempuan dari lelaki dan saya rasa perempuan sangat helpful. Tambah-tambah lagi bila mak cik haritu terkurung dalam bilik printer dengan kami. Mak cik tu cool!

Saya tak balik raya di Malaysia tahun ni. Sejak dua menjak ni ramai pulak orang yang tanya pasal balik raya ke tidak. Saya tau ramai rindukan saya, tapi nak tak nak, pagi raya tu saya ada kelas. Mungkin saya boleh sambut Aidilfitri dengan classmates kelas Structure 1 tu nanti.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jadual terbaru

Ok ini jadual terbaru dan tetap sehingga hujung tahun 2010 nanti selepas ditambah elective course.
Semester kali ni memang menarik sebab kalau lihat betul-betul pada gambar, hari Selasa kelas saya habis pukul 9.30 malam. Hari Khamis pulak pukul 7.00 malam.
Belum pernah lagi saya kelas sampai malam-malam macam ni.
Bulan Ramadhan nanti, mesti lagi mencabar sebab asyik kena berbuka dalam kelas.

Yelah, sejak sampai di sini, saya rasa banyak perkara menarik berlaku.
Tak kiralah menarik yang baik atau tak, semua tu mengajar saya erti kehidupan ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nur Imanina

Gambar ni gambar lama, lebih kurang 2 tahun lepas mungkin. Masa ni Nina baru ada 2 batang gigi spongebob je ;)

Pejam celik pejam celik balik, cepat saja masa berlalu. Nina sekarang dah 4 tahun. Syafiq sekarang dah 3 tahun.
Saya kat sini dah semester 2.

Saya rindu keluarga.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Esok sekolah!
Dengan hati yang terbuka, jom kita mulakan semester baru ni.

Sekarang juga saya rasa dah sampai masa untuk saya mula kira beberapa perkara:

Yang pertama, bilangan hari menjelang Ramadhan.
Yang kedua, bilangan hari menjelang Syawal.
Yang ketiga, bilangan bulan yang tinggal untuk pulang ke Malaysia.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

When words speak

By any chance, I love learning something from sayings.
I love eloquent lyrics in songs.
That's the thing why I can't have music while studying like other people do.
Otherwise I will tend to study the lyrics instead of the book.

Just now Kak Ili had us watching an Indonesian movie called Sang Murabbi which literally means A Teacher. It's a movie based on a true story of late Ustaz Rahmat Abdullah.

One thing that I learned from it is:

Ada 2 perkara yang kita harus sentiasa ingat;
1. Kebaikan orang lain terhadap kita
2. Keburukan kita terhadap orang lain


Ada 2 perkara yang kita harus lupakan;
1. Kebaikan kita terhadap orang lain
2. Keburukan orang lain terhadap kita

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jadual kelas semester baru

Sehari sesubjek buatkan perasaan malas tu bercampur baur dengan rajin ;)

1. Subjek 3 saja, tapi masanya tak teratur. Cuti di hari Selasa tu macam tak memberi kelebihan sangat pun.

2. Tiket bus sehala 1.44 aud. Dua hala 2.88 aud dah. Seminggu 4 hari kelas, 11.52 aud. Sebulan 4 minggu kelas, 46.08 aud. Kesimpulannya, sekurang-kurangnya 50.00 aud sebulan saya harus kuotakan untuk tiket bus sahaja. Macam mana saya nak kumpul duit nak beli ipod touch ni ;P

Tapi apa-apa pun yang tertulis tu semuanya yang terbaik untuk kita. Tak rugi kita percaya dengan Allah.

New semester, wait for me! We'll be meeting in few days time with new resolutions!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunset at Glenelg

We still have one week left of this winter break.

Bunyi macam sekejap je satu minggu tu, tapi duduk di rumah tanpa buat apa-apa agak membosankan. Jadi kami yang tinggal di rumah ni ambil keputusan untuk ke Glenelg melihat matahari terbenam.

Nasib baik sempat sampai ke pantai tu sebelum sunset habis. Sipi-sipi saja lagi matahari tu nak tenggelam berganti bulan. Tapi disebabkan hari mendung kelabu, sunset hari ni tak berapa cantik seperti hari-hari lain. Namun saya tetap kagum betapa hebatnya ciptaan-Nya. Subhanallah.

Di pantai mahupun di city, di sini mahupun di sana, kita tengok matahari yang sama. Sweet kan Penciptanya ;)

Burung-burung comel ;)

Lihat awan tu hitam. Hujan pun turun selepas matahari terbenam

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Winter Break

Saya dah pulang ke rumah.
Saya rindu Adelaide.
I have loads of things in my mind right now.

Perkara no. 1
Saya amat berbesar hati kerana Spain telah menang. Tak rugi saya stay di Melbourne sebab rumah Nad ada Tv. Kami berdua saja yang tengok dengan excited nya final pagi tu. Mula-mula memang bosan, tak habis-habis dengan yellow card. At last ade jugak red card ;)
Tapi kami tetap bersorak bila Iniesta golkan bola. Cuma sorakan tu tak panjang sebab saya tak minat sangat Iniesta. Kalau Torres berambut macho, tak pun Navas si mata cantik tu mungkin saya sorak lebih lama ;P

Picture ni taken from fb Jiha. Mafla Spain ni Jiha punya, dia beli masa kat Sydney.

p/s: Tapi tak apa, cukuplah dengan bola dulu. Berhibur tak boleh lebih-lebih kan.

Perkara no. 2
Winter Trip 2010. Adelaide - Sydney - Canberra - Melbourne. It was a Road Trip and the journey was memorable ;)
Naik satu hiace dengan Kak Shiela memang seronok dapat main dengan baby Fatih.
Hiace kami bernama Thalhah, salah seorang sahabat Rasulullah SAW yang syahid dan dijanjikan syurga.

Pemandangan di Sydney memang sangat cantik di Darling Harbour. Tapi kalau dibandigkan dengan Adelaide, Sydney adalah bandar yang sesak sesesak Kuala Lumpur tu. Adelaide lebih aman damai dan ramai orang tua seaman Taiping. (Saya juga rindu akan Taiping).

Sydney Opera House

Lakemba Mosque

Darling Harbour

Canberra bandar yang biasa. Cuma ada bangunan-bangunan kedutaan negara-negara. Tapi Canberra sangat sejuk suhunya di bawah paras beku.

Melbourne teramat seronok.
1. Sebab ada kawan-kawan yang dah lama tak jumpa.
2. Sebab ada berita gembira dari Nad dan Apek yang sangat gula-gula ;)
3. Sebab Melbourne boleh jalan-jalan malam sebab city dia tak tutup pukul 5pm macam Adelaide.
4. Sebab ada satu restoran India yang bagi kami masuk makan walaupun dah tutup. Siap pasangkan lagu-lagu hindustan lagi ;P

p/s: Terima kasih Nad, Pear, Jenny, dan Sara sebab tumpangkan rumah.

Perkara no. 4
Result exam dah keluar! Alhamdulillah saya rasa Ok tapi masih boleh usaha lebih lebih-lebih lagi untuk course Construction 1.
Kalau dulu gred D lebih busuk dari gred C, tapi sekarang gred D distinction itu lebih baik. Saya hampir-hampir keliru tadi. Harapannya sem depan boleh dapat HD insyAllah ;)

Perkara no. 5
Saya beli diary ini dengan harga AUD 0.99 di Melbourne. Diary ni adalah diary tahun 1990 jadi saya rasa macam best dapat diary tahun lahir sendiri. Sekurang-kurangnya saya dapat ingat hari saya lahir kan.

Awak pun lahir tahun 1990 ke ;)