Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Hero

Oh it's been a week since our internet got suspended by our provider.
That was the longest week in our life because we had to survive the loneliest days at home with only 4 people left and doing nothing after the examination over.
Plus, the day in summer is longer than the night. The sun rises at 5.30 am and sets at 8.00pm everyday ok.
But luckily we have it back now. Err, I mean the internet. So no more babbling about this, or at least until we got suspended again. Ha ha ha - not funny.

Ok now, I remember one scenario we experienced while having our time wasted at the city last several days.

We were waiting the bus at King William road at around 10.00pm after coming back from The Pancake House. So it was just like any other nights. We chose to sit at the brighter stop for safety.

But suddenly something happened.
We got provoke by a guy. I think it's better not to mention him in detail.
I got to say that this was not the first time, but the guy was not just talking to us. He was yelling at us. And worst he was f**king us, in front of other people.
How I wish I could have superpower and just kick his ass to shut up. Or... if I have superpower than why on earth do I need to wait for the bus while I can just fly back home? Rite?

Oops sorry.

Ok. Then is when we heard someone from the back said,

"Hey you, take a step back. Leave them alone. You wanna have a talk? Just chat with me bro. And leave them alone."

We all were like,

"Whoaaaa.... who's that? He's so brave, and handsome too"

I am not lying. He's kinda good looking. A little bit. Haha. And of course he's so gentleman. He argued with the guy for like one or two minute and that guy just went away. Sadly we hadn't got the chance to say thank you because he rode the bus so early. All that we know is that he's an Asian.
Well, thanks mate for the help!

So there goes my one week without internet connection. From today, it only 3 days left before we leave for Melbourne. And later, on this day we are going to Adelaide Zoo to see kangaroo. Seriously, after 10 months staying here, I've never ever see any kangaroo in front of my eyes. Not even one. But I did for koala. I saw a lot of them before at Morialta Park XD


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Kenzo said...

can i be that guy! pleasee.. hahaha

Nor Liyana Mohamad Rosly said...

guy yang mana? yang duk kaco orang tu ke? haha.

kenzo said...

=.=" hahaha,
guy yg baik tulahh..lalala~