Friday, April 22, 2011

How I see the difference

Apparently, the most important thing is the weather.
It's different from Adelaide.
Brisbane is too hot for Adelaidians (exaggeration I know). But seriously, it's hot.

Till today, we have just visited the city and the universities, plus some galleries and museums. So basically we are still looking forward for the Gold Coast trip, which is only available after Mas and Hasanah submitted their assignment.

The Great Court of UQ (what's so great idk)

Forgan Smith Building, UQ

p/s: when it comes to taking pictures at night, using only the phone's camera, the results should be edited first...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

To show is to tell the world

While some people write a lot of words to convey their minds and feelings, a simple picture can be interpreted into varied perspectives of concerns.

(Here, I just put a bunch of words to start off my post since I am actually at the losing of ideas to write lately)

Glenelg, April 8 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It is Autumn and Break

It's a two weeks break and the first week is about to be half-finished already, while on the second week I'll be going to Gold Coast.
Looking at this condition, I'm not sure whether I can get all the things in my holiday-wish-list checked before the school starts. Anyhow I must plan the times properly and make use of every seconds in the one week left as I could.

Let's start with the cooking plan.

After watching 49 days currently, I really wanna make this kind of spaghetti. It's not the common Bolognese or Carbonara, but it's the one with oil and garlic.
I too wanna make the tteokbokki dishes. Then try to make udon soup with sesame oil...
I can't wait to go to the Central Market tomorrow.

I am so in love with beaches.

I need to check the beaches is Adelaide that I haven't visited yet and put them in my list.
Plus, having some sweet course near the beach will surely soothe your day.

These are the pictures taken last three days at Bracegirlde's, Glenelg (credit to: Ifa). We had so much fun playing with water even it was quite dark and the sea breeze was very calming. Obviously Glenelg is one of the best place in Adelaide.

Ifa, who thinks she's cute doing that pose


Belgium Waffle

With all those in mind, I clearly have to remember that two week isn't that long. I think I do need to add on completing-the-assignments point since the second half of the semester 1 is about to start later. That means the final exam is almost there (well, just around the corner if you like) and that is not a playing field anymore.