Tuesday, November 17, 2009

k e - 1 0 0

*ini post yang ke-100.

Kumeniti awan yang kelabu
Kutempuhi lorong yang berliku
Mencari sinar yang menerangi

Kupercaya pasti suatu masa
Sang suria kan menyinar jua
Membawa harapan yang menggunung

Engkau tiba bagaikan pelangi
Tak bercahya namun kau berseri
Tapi cukup menghiburkan
Hati ini.

Seharian waktu bersamamu
Tak terasa saat yang berlalu
Bagai pelangi petang kau kan pasti
Pergi jua.

Tipulah kalau saya kata tak ada apa pun di Inti ni, tak ada apa pun di Nilai ni. Tipu, kerana di sini ada persahabatan.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Complicated Operation

A lawyer awoke in a hospital bed after a complicated operation, and found that the curtains were drawn around him.

"Why are the curtains closed?" he asked. "Is it night?"

A nurse replied, "No, it is just that there is a fire across the street, and we didn't want you waking up and thinking that the operation was unsuccessful."


-ArcaMax jokes.

Friday, November 6, 2009

talk and write.

I love to talk. a lot. i knew that. i always know. but i dont really like to write what i like to talk. words can always be misjudged. 'sorry yeah, i need to be more specific later :P'
I appreciate friends who can hear me. i do. love you babes and thanks. but it so happens, i cant be talking about everything to everyone.

*am really looking foward to talk to someone.
Dora, miss u!

Monday, November 2, 2009

it's enough.

" We should treat everybody the same, but they are all not the same. "

You know, you are the one that not-the-same kind of people. Stop making funny of other people and find ur own life plis! You said wutever and i do wutever i like.
Heart-less people.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Final of the final

This is my final external paper examination timetable!
All the best friends.
We can make it! Let Allah be with us.
I pray for myself. I pray for you guys.
I do pray for us. For all of us.


Written Examinations Timetable for 2009 - External Assessment


South Australia 9 a.m.
Northern Territory 8 a.m.
Asia 7 a.m.

South Australia 1.30 p.m.
Northern Territory 12.30 p.m.
Asia 11.30 a.m.

20 October

Arabic (continuers) [2ARE2] 2 hours
Indonesian (beginners) [2INA2] 2½ hours
Korean (background speakers) [2KOS2] 2 hours
Modern Greek (beginners) [2MGA2] 2½ hours
Nationally assessed languages

21 October

Japanese (background speakers) [2JPS2] 2 hours 50 minutes

22 October

Spanish (beginners) [2SPA2] 2½ hours

28 October

Auslan (continuers) [2ALN2] 2 hours
Latin (continuers) [2LAE2] (1.25 p.m.) 3 hours

29 October

French (beginners) [2FRA2] 2½ hours

2 November

English Studies [2EGS2] 3 hours

Chinese (beginners) [2CIA2] 2½ hours
English as Second Language Studies [2ESP2]
3 hours

3 November

Physics [2PHY2] 3 hours

Japanese (beginners) [2JPA2] 2½ hours
Malay (background speakers) [2MLS2] 2 hours 50 minutes
Physical Education [2PQP2] 2 hours

4 November

Chinese (background speakers) [2CIS2] 3 hours
Chinese (continuers) [2CIE2] 3 hours
French (continuers) [2FRE2] 3 hours
Vietnamese (background speakers)[2VNS2]
3 hours
Vietnamese (continuers) [2VNE2] 3 hours

German (beginners) [2GNA2] 2½ hours
Indonesian (continuers) [2INE2] 3 hours
Japanese (continuers) [2JPE2] 3 hours
Modern Greek (continuers) [2MGE2] 3 hours

5 November

Mathematical Studies [2MSU2] 3 hours

Nutrition [2NTS2] 2 hours

6 November

Italian (beginners) [2ITA2] 2½ hours
Legal Studies [2LGS2] 3 hours

German (continuers) [2GNE2] 3 hours
Italian (continuers) [2ITE2] 3 hours
Spanish (continuers) [2SPE2] 3 hours

9 November

Biology [2BIO2] 3 hours

Information Technology Studies [2ITY2]
2 hours

10 November

Economics [2ECO2] 3 hours

Visual Arts Studies [2VAS2] 2 hours

11 November

Psychology [2PSY2] 2 hours

Chemistry [2CHM2] 3 hours

12 November

Geography [2GGS2] 2 hours

Drama Studies [2DRS2] 2 hours

13 November

Mathematical Methods [2MME2] 3 hours
Specialist Mathematics [2MSL2] 3 hours

Classical Studies [2CST2] 3 hours

16 November

Modern History [2MNH2] 3 hours

Music in Context [2MIC1] 2 hours

17 November

Australian History [2AUH2] 3 hours

Accounting Studies [2ACS2] 3 hours

18 November

Musicianship [2MSN1] 1¾ hours

Geology [2GLY2] 2 hours

19 November

Agricultural and Horticultural Science
[2AGS2] 2 hours

Australian and International Politics [2PTS2]
2 hours

20 November

Studies of Religion [2SIR2] 3 hours

Dance Studies [2DNS2] 2 hours

* Notice that it's only going to be two sessions per day, either 7 am or 11.30 am and i have 2 papers which start at 7 am :D