Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A very very quick update

Ya sangat quick!
Sebab esok 1 Julai ade satu paper lagi, Quantity Surveying 1 pukul 2.00 pm waktu Australia.

Sabtu 3 Julai pulak the last paper, Construction Management 1N!
Yang bestnya malam tu Argentina vs Germany 11.30 pm waktu Australia jugak :)

Tapi yg sedihnya kitorang x ada tv pon.
Harap intenet laju la malam tu.
Go Argentina go!

p/s: utk Y yg sokong German, kita tgk sape menang!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

p/s :

Saya ada satu benda dah siap tulis semua kat sini, tapi tak jadi nak post.
Tak apa lah, mungkin tak penting ^_^

p/s 1: Lambatnya lagi nak habes exam ni..looking foward untuk Winter Trip dan Melbourne :) Oh dan tujuan saya letak objek jatuh-jatuh tu sebab sekarang dah masuk winter kat sini. Sebenarnya saya pun agak rimas tengok bende tu :)

p/s 2 : Kadang-kadang rasa mcm best baca blog orang yang tak dikenali? Tapi tanpa sedar, saya dah jadi stalker yang hebat pulak. Tak dikenali la sangat kan -_-

p/s 3 : Ini p/s terakhir, betul. Apa sebenarnya formspring tu ye? Saya ada friendster, myspace, tagged, hi5, facebook, blog, etc etc etc. Tapi saya sungguh, tak tau apa formspring tu sebenarnya.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I always find it hard to put a title. So here it goes..

This is what I do. I'm currently trying to change the way I put those links on my blog. Just to make it different. But it seems that blogger doesn't have the exact gadget I need. What I want is a simple list of pictures with its captions being linked. However it turns out to be single picture with its title linked to the page. And yeah I know I shouldn't do this yet since the're 2 more papers to go but, just a little bit of this Ok! Only to fill up the time while waiting for sahur with Tiqah.

Well, I think I have to give up. Maybe next time babe! I'll try to fix you later when I can figure out the solution. Or maybe I should change your template?


We just have our SWOT Vac last week and it's already the examination week! (Oh ok SWOT Vac means Study Without Teaching Vacation, kind of Australians term) I've started my 1st paper last Saturday and the other 2 will be right at the end of the exam week, which is on 1st and 3rd of July. That's the reason why I'm still here.

No, actually there's something I wanna share. People do blogging to share their thoughts with the readers am I right? No matter how big is the issue, at least someone will gain from the reading insyAllah.

From my previous post, I've mentioned that living here, in Australia, we learned to perform prayers in any places that we could. Even in the fitting room or parents room at the mall. You know, that makes me feel that Islam is easy and 'fun'. No doubt.
And last 2 weeks, we have this Solat Hajat Perdana program at Uni Adelaide. The prayer was held at the cafe hall and guess what, doing the program on Friday night, you need to compromise with all the possibilities. To tell the truth, we were praying with the student band jamming. We were just one floor above them. From start to the end, the prayer was accompanied by the rock-yeah-yeah music. And plus I can feel the vibration on the floor on every sujud. What to say? You cant just go downstairs and ask them to shut up. No you cant. You have to bare with it. Yes you have to.

As for me, I'm so glad to experience such things in my life. At least I have something to think about when I have nothing to do. Oh and one more thing that I really love is people watching. Most of the time, I did this activity while on the bus. You might want to try it because I can tell, its worth it. Living in a city loads of foreigner, watching those people who ride the bus is so interesting! If I have a good memory, probably I'll write a book about that. But unfortunately I dont. I always found it interesting inside the bus and tend to forget it the moment I walk out :P

Well, I've to stop. I need to start working on the dim sheet provided by Jeremy and the companies' links given by virginia. So TTFN!

p/s: TTFN means tata for now, which I learned years back from Tigger's (Pooh's friend) game ^_^

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Are you?

While missing the past, who care to miss the future?
Missing Allah and missing His Paradise?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Joke and Reality

Hello, can you speak english?

Oh sorry, I can't.

Umm... actually, I have some problems with my car and I'm not very familiar with this place...

Sorry, I don't understand even one word you're saying right now, but let me try to ask this man.

Hi, can you speak english?

I'm so sorry, I never learn english, but I guess you could ask those people.

Do you think its a damn lame joke or created in such way to deliver a message? Well you judge by yourself. (I put it under annoying category).

Enough, let's put the joke aside.
Let us face the reality.

Today the world is talking about Palestine. The Freedom Flotilla to Gaza. The NEW yet OLD issue. The SIGN for people who have knowledge and the BUZZ for all Muslims to act! Which side are you in? Or you just want to be the silent watcher and do nothing?

Recently I just realised something big. Something some people have already concerned about while I am not. And now I feel like all this time, I took things so simply as it actually a big responsibility to be carried. Can I say it's because I'm still a teenager? My own answer is no. I guess you must have seen those young, brilliant journalist talking on worldwide issues on tv and they are so so good. Glad to say, they are around my age or perhaps your age. But hey, at least I did wake up from the dilemma rite. Better late than never. Yet it's so true when people said that experience teaches you the best!

Talking about age, my lovely housemates like to say that it's ok if we discuss about marriage now. Is 20 years old OLD enough for us to think about our marriage? Well, I'm not so sure bout that. But I have to admit, the discussion is interesting. Everybody seems to plan to get married the latest among all, but they have already talk about the wedding gown? Yeah that's so called ladies. They are very unexpactable.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Voice for Humanity

Let's hope it's not just for humanity, but deeper than that.
While they have high morality, we have our Aqidah.

2nd of June 2010, Parliament House, Adelaide.