Saturday, February 28, 2009

aaron aziz

dah dapat beli kasut baru!
bagusnye kedai kat seremban parade tu ade byk choice
absolutely meetin the objective of consumers. yeah economics is life~

td dr dlm bus sampailah dalam ktm
ade sorang mamat negara mane pon xtau la
(perhaps bangladesh or cambodia 0r wtver)
hensem sgt!
sebijik mcm aaron aziz
tp mas je ckp xhensem
aku dgn timah siap maen mesej2 lg dlm ktm..heee
lawak la pulak kita ni kan

balek kat nilai jumpe lg skali!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

the feyness

This week has just started-2mins ago. Well, it STILL seems nice by now as i can actually writing. The hectic-ness is yet to come. Yes i can smell it. Ha-ha

Over this, i am contented with something (at last! i understood it!). Something that i kind of dislike before turned up to be thing that i like- which i still doubt it.

Another thing. I am so crazy to play basketball on THAT basketball court.
Why did they have to play softball (or wutever it was) on that BASKETBALL court? It was a basketball court! It is still a basketball court and it will still be a basketball no matter what. Not a multipurpose court ok. Obviously there are 2 courts rite there (which we're usually need only half the court to play!) and why u all have to conquer all of them? U guys have no common sense or what??
Pliz pliz go and play ur thing at the rite place pliz.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

terribly homesick

now i do
seriously homesick
a very very serious one

i sholud be at home by now
if it wasnt about all the tests and quiz stuff for this coming week-also those replacement classes-econs test1 + account quiz2 + chem test1 + econs replacement class + chem replacement class..
wut a hectic week!

Monday, February 16, 2009

k a i z e n .

(click pic to enlarge)


after 178 games.
accuracy of 93.39%
(ala senang jek nak kasi naek lagi)
at last i broke my own record!
so i'm not 'almost enstein' anymore
but 'human calculator'
cam lawak la pulak..

mari-mari maen worldmathsday

Thursday, February 12, 2009

theory of the day

chemistry class lately was full of enjoyment. plus not stressing =)
just now, mas and i got invented one theory. of cos not that bigbang one, but most likely the theory-senang-nak-ingat-forever punye.

the facts :

carboxylic acid + H2O <----> H3O+ + carboxylate ion-

RCOOH + H2O <----> H3O+ + RCOO-

as for the carboxylate ion, O single bond with C need another ion to be bonded with(after it loses H) but it so happens that it just need ion which have only one (+1) charge due to the molecular formula(which there's only one O)

the theory :

when O divorced with H, she became 'janda'. she couldn't make it without a husband.

why? if not she will DEFINITELY die. BUT. he, whoever the husband-to-be, must be single and available.she's so choosey .

dy xnak poligami.dy xnak dimadukan.mesti SINGLE.