Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 study period 2

It's going to be a really hard work for the next semester, with all the 4 tough-reinforced-concrete subjects. However, I love it when we don't actually have a single tutorial session (dan 3 hari cuti berturut of course). XD

And there are several things that I certainly need to plan very carefully in order to achieve before 2011 ended:
1. Dora is about to come if she has enough money and time out of her study life.
2. Money money money. I really need to save up if I really want to reach Korea (forget New Zealand for a while first). Like REALLY.
3. Study and push up my out of 7 GPA.

Until then. I should think more of other resolutions.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I prefer Barney and friends

"Apa yang kita kena lalui untuk selamatkan Wohhoo?
Water, Dragon Mountain, Cloud Castle! Ulang bersama-sama."

"Water, Dragon Mountain, Cloud Castle!"


"Dalam perjalanan ni, kita kena kutip semua bintang-bintang ni untuk tolong kita. Lompat, dan tangkap bintang!"

"Tangkap bintang! (sambil melompat)"


"Jadi bentuk apakah yang hilang?"


"Betul! Bentuk bulat!"


"Itu Swiper! Dia nak mencuri kunci kita. Mari sama-sama kita jerit, Swiper jangan mencuri!"

"Swiper, jangan mencuri, Swiper, jangan mencuri!"

"Oh mannnn..."

"Yeay kita berjaya!!!"

. (tukar channel 613 pulak)

"Mari kita bantu Minnie untuk membuat persembahan. Jadi apa yang kita perlu untuk membantu Minnie? Betul tu, kita panggil Tooodles!"

"Oh Tooooo (muncungkan mulut) dles!!"

"Barang yang manakah patut kita gunakan untuk membantu Minnie?"

"Ya, barang misteri!!!"


And the story will go on and on and on. Again and again everyday. But the weird thing is that I am the one who is so excited. When Dora tells to jump, I jump. When she tells to sit, I sit. When she tells to act like monkey, I do nothing of course. I still hold my pride in front of my younger sister and brother. Let them do that one themselves :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Safety first kids!

Right now, my biggest wish is that can the school kids who ride bicycles be more careful on the road? Last few days it was the third time I almost hit them with my car. Thank God it never happens. I know those are still young and careless but I hate being treated like I have to watch over them all the time, everyday (since I need to pick up my brother from the school), while they were recklessly riding on the road. Hey kids, I used to ride a bicycle to school too long time ago so don't feel like the road is your dad's!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ayamas cikgu!

" Murid: Cikgu, macam mana nak eja 'emas' dalam jawi?
Cikgu: Humm... alif mim sin.
Murid: Itu 'amas' cikgu...
Cikgu: Ooo. Ha, alif ya mim sin.
Murid: Itu 'ayamas' cikgu! "

It's been awhile since I wrote the last post. My life at home seems to be so exciting that I don't have time to write anything here eventhough I do almost nothing everyday :P But that doesn't matter, I love it here!

Till another time.

- the shining stars -