Friday, December 19, 2008

ideas did find me!

kak yush make me to write this(and u have to read this)
*how come u made that yumyum alone n eat olso alone?melantak eh?*
look at d pic..
(kite curi gmba)

nvmd..just wait for me next jan and i'll be there ASAP!!..
btw, thanks for the previous menu..
just got to made it real today
b4 dis always lackin of its ingrdnts.heh~
now aja so bz with her novelsssss..dunno how many novel she got
biase,budak abes spm..
xpe2, enjoy ur SOOO long holiday b4 u see d real world =p
later ur holiday wont be so much long like this...kan kakyush?? hehe
my holiday pon already comes end!
what a best holiday!!
even boring duk umah je, tp i love my smaller sis n smallest bro!
serius..i said its so good to have baby n kids around u noe!
so cute
so lovely
so kissable
so hugable
so gigitable (haha i mmg suke gigit menggigit neh)
plis. so lazy going back to that NILAI
nilai tu tempat ape pon xtau lah...haishh
who ever said taiping is boring(for me taiping is the best!! hidup taiping!)
u find nilai is sooooo much worse..hehe..
ktm is the ONLY way out(except ade transpot sendrik), regardless taxi which SANGAT mahal okey and bus that needs u to steps -nilai- to -seremban- to -baru sampai kl-!
still thankful to everything