Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ayamas cikgu!

" Murid: Cikgu, macam mana nak eja 'emas' dalam jawi?
Cikgu: Humm... alif mim sin.
Murid: Itu 'amas' cikgu...
Cikgu: Ooo. Ha, alif ya mim sin.
Murid: Itu 'ayamas' cikgu! "

It's been awhile since I wrote the last post. My life at home seems to be so exciting that I don't have time to write anything here eventhough I do almost nothing everyday :P But that doesn't matter, I love it here!

Till another time.

- the shining stars -

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kaeguri said...

Hey there ! I'm glad to meet another SHINee fan :D Thanks for posting this great performance, I had never watxhed it before~
Take care :)

kaeguri said...

Hey ! that's because we're the only known countries where it is not surprising or disgusting to eat frogs ^^ So we often hear "frog eaters" and such stuff you see. It's like for us, we are really schocked to know that some asian countries eat dogs. It must not be something you would talk about in french class most likely :P Did you enjoy studying french :) ?