Thursday, February 12, 2009

theory of the day

chemistry class lately was full of enjoyment. plus not stressing =)
just now, mas and i got invented one theory. of cos not that bigbang one, but most likely the theory-senang-nak-ingat-forever punye.

the facts :

carboxylic acid + H2O <----> H3O+ + carboxylate ion-

RCOOH + H2O <----> H3O+ + RCOO-

as for the carboxylate ion, O single bond with C need another ion to be bonded with(after it loses H) but it so happens that it just need ion which have only one (+1) charge due to the molecular formula(which there's only one O)

the theory :

when O divorced with H, she became 'janda'. she couldn't make it without a husband.

why? if not she will DEFINITELY die. BUT. he, whoever the husband-to-be, must be single and available.she's so choosey .

dy xnak poligami.dy xnak dimadukan.mesti SINGLE.

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+farah+ said...

baek punya teori.

spe aja ko chem ha?
nk taw je

nanaloly said...

well, bakal prof la katekan.

ak miss fatimah.ko sape aja?

+farah+ said...

bes la tu.
aku yeap.
tettttttt. :P