Thursday, February 12, 2009

transit to kampung jawa, klang

drop at kl central then find platform5. there's the train heading klang. it's not difficult travel by ktm.
at first i almost missed the station at bukit badak(which is just b4 the klang station).
geram dgn mamat yg pasang lagu kuat2 tu punye pasal la
thank god i suddenly got my instinct that time :p
one thing, that place was creepy. even the ticket counter got nobody.
one more thing, there was no line there. i can't call cu.
ceruk sangat ek bukit badak tu?
haish...poor bukit badak people.haha

tp paling best is when cu came. i thought that we're going straight home.but we're not.
it was straight to jusco! yeah, jusco klang is the biggest ever. (hehe kakyus jeles).
then we went to giant pulak..
sangat best la cu ! (ye, bodek)

me and cu ape lagi : chattin+gossiping.yg lebehnye gossip tu.

esok nak balek pon kitorang sempat lagi pegi taman.maen2.

"ma, a-man, a-man"

"ape a-man tu cu?"

"nazhan nampak taman permainan la tu"


after 'taman' there was another destination. this place was c0Ol
thats the place which paksu like the most.huhu.
seriously.he's a real sportsperson
actually he asked us to do jogging but

cu and i sangat malas.

tp jogging la jugak.for the sake of those kids.

there's lot of people being trained there. for mssd perhaps

lagi la kami malas nak jogging

last2 i snap pictures of them :s

3 in a line. iqbal who got chicken pox.

playing with water is his fav. sape yg basah? yes i am.


i love this. so cute of him. alahai bulat nye mata dy.

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