Sunday, February 22, 2009

the feyness

This week has just started-2mins ago. Well, it STILL seems nice by now as i can actually writing. The hectic-ness is yet to come. Yes i can smell it. Ha-ha

Over this, i am contented with something (at last! i understood it!). Something that i kind of dislike before turned up to be thing that i like- which i still doubt it.

Another thing. I am so crazy to play basketball on THAT basketball court.
Why did they have to play softball (or wutever it was) on that BASKETBALL court? It was a basketball court! It is still a basketball court and it will still be a basketball no matter what. Not a multipurpose court ok. Obviously there are 2 courts rite there (which we're usually need only half the court to play!) and why u all have to conquer all of them? U guys have no common sense or what??
Pliz pliz go and play ur thing at the rite place pliz.

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freak. i am. dora. said...

sharing is caring kan???

nanaloly said... itu bukan sharing dah namenye..itu conquering!
smpai sume court dy nak maen