Friday, June 4, 2010

Joke and Reality

Hello, can you speak english?

Oh sorry, I can't.

Umm... actually, I have some problems with my car and I'm not very familiar with this place...

Sorry, I don't understand even one word you're saying right now, but let me try to ask this man.

Hi, can you speak english?

I'm so sorry, I never learn english, but I guess you could ask those people.

Do you think its a damn lame joke or created in such way to deliver a message? Well you judge by yourself. (I put it under annoying category).

Enough, let's put the joke aside.
Let us face the reality.

Today the world is talking about Palestine. The Freedom Flotilla to Gaza. The NEW yet OLD issue. The SIGN for people who have knowledge and the BUZZ for all Muslims to act! Which side are you in? Or you just want to be the silent watcher and do nothing?

Recently I just realised something big. Something some people have already concerned about while I am not. And now I feel like all this time, I took things so simply as it actually a big responsibility to be carried. Can I say it's because I'm still a teenager? My own answer is no. I guess you must have seen those young, brilliant journalist talking on worldwide issues on tv and they are so so good. Glad to say, they are around my age or perhaps your age. But hey, at least I did wake up from the dilemma rite. Better late than never. Yet it's so true when people said that experience teaches you the best!

Talking about age, my lovely housemates like to say that it's ok if we discuss about marriage now. Is 20 years old OLD enough for us to think about our marriage? Well, I'm not so sure bout that. But I have to admit, the discussion is interesting. Everybody seems to plan to get married the latest among all, but they have already talk about the wedding gown? Yeah that's so called ladies. They are very unexpactable.

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miSs Hazzi said...

marriage comes with responsibilitiessssss..adakah kita sudah 'bersedia' untuk itu?:(

i want to get married soon but i'm afraid i'm not prepared enuf to carry those responsibilities..

aku pun sama nana, walhal isu palestin ni dah lama, tp freedom flotilla tu berjaya membuatkan kita semua membuka mata hati, agar lebih concern, dan insya Allah berusaha mengubah diri kita, sebab tu adalah jihad yang paling utama..:D

Nor Liyana Mohamad Rosly said...

you want to get married soon izzah? wah dah ade calon ke! hehe... tu la mmg responsibilities yg sgt2 besar. tp we cant deny, kite dah tua!

itu lah, selama ni kita x sedar yg di antara org bukan muslim pon ramai yg berjuang atas nama humanity tp kita sendiri ambek mudah. its so sad kan.