Monday, November 8, 2010

The Last Airbender review

I know lately I kind of updating this blog like everyday even I should be studying for the final exam. It's SWOT Vac Ok SWOT Vac!

But I couldn't help not to post this. Just now I went (as in visiting the website) to Happeepill. Since the new episodes is not coming out yet so I read EB's review on new movies.

The Last Airbender. Yup I picked that one because I really love the cartoon but somehow feel sad with the cast. My charming Prince Zuko is played by the boy from that Slumdog Millionaire?

But that's not the point here. What really made me burst out laughing was this excerpt;

"The Last Airbender is originally from a cartoon, or so I’ve been told. I am totally unfamiliar with the original storyline and characters but that don’t matter to me. Basically the story is about 4 nations that can control the elements; fire, air, water and earth.

So that means.. if you belong to the Water Nation, you can magically turn water as weapons after you perform some specific tai chi moves. Since there is a lot of fighting among nations, be prepared for a lot of tai chi scenes.
" - EB

( Ok credit first, it's from )

What? Tai chi?
I've finished watching all the 3 books of this series long time ago. I've never realised that the bending is about the same as tai chi. Now when I see people doing tai chi perhaps I would think that they are doing the air bending.
HAHA nice one EB!

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nsWai said...

its not up to my expectation.. sedih2...
pastuh fire nation tiba2 semua org jadi indian. =.="

Nor Liyana Mohamad Rosly said...

kannn. entah pape jek. paling kesian tu prince zuko aku. huuuu. sedih sedih!