Sunday, August 23, 2009


Salam Ramadhan.
it's good to have chance seeing this year's Ramadhan. again :)
evthough now is already the 2nd day of ramadhan but i think it's not too late to greet rite.

i could say sahur this early morning with family was very great; since it will not long last, stand only for this week.
then i waited for subuh.
in normal, it is hardly to have waiting for subuh if it's not ramadhan. it's always subuh that wait for me to get up and get done.

and having some 'housekeeping' done.
while mama cooked sumting for the two kids at home yang x puasa :)
and went to take my new specs.
then went to lyana's home.
(seronok drive tanpa P. xda kena horn2 oleh org2 yg berlagak)

afternoon it was raining.
i'm thinking. it says that ramadhan is penghulu segala bulan. bulan mulia. and rain is rahmat. i'm happy to have the rain, lebih2 lagi ketika puasa ni. Allah is kind, all-merciful.

6.00pm the electric was down. not totally black-out but kind of lack of supply. only tv can be on, and i had no idea why? and some lamp. no fan. no pendaflour. it's dark.

and yes we had candle light berbuka ^_^
it was not bad. we still have food. instead we have great foods. worst for them who dont have food for berbuka.
it was just eating in the dark, with candles.

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+fairuz izyan+ said...

nana hot! hehe..
slamat berpose!
candle light utk tuh..
nk cube gak ar nnt..hehe..:P
c u at inti soon!!

nanaloly said...

haha jahat pear.
yep2 slamat berpose jugak!
ah try2. best. romantik. heee.

ow xnak balek boleh?