Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Partition and back up

I can't sleep until now, which it is already 4.41 in the morning, thanks to Boot Camp Assistant. It takes me the whole bloody long way to do the hard disk partition for windows. Yet up to rite now I'm still in the midst of backing up my mac HD and it's like taking forever. Well you know, the 'transferring' process is so annoying because you have to wait and wait for it to finish. Worst if you have a large store of movies and musics in it just like my case (can't help because my external 320G hd is full too).

I've done all the procedures and steps told by the forumers regarding this troubleshooting so what I am expecting here is for the boot camp to run smoothly after this backing up process ended. Otherwise I think I'm going crazy for finishing another 5 photoshop projects at the uni during SWOT Vac. Oh please I don't want to do that! Ottoke? Haish geramnye.


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