Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Al sadaqat al jariyah - the actions which outlives you.

Rasulullah SAW bersabda, 'Bila seorang anak Adam wafat, maka amalnya terputus kecuali tiga hal: [1] Shadaqah jariah , [2] Ilmu yang bermanfaat dan [3] Anak shalih yang mendoakannya. (HR. Muslim, Abu Dawud, At-Tirmidzi , Nasa'i dan Ahmad).

I received this email from my mother just now. It stated there "Share this with someone. If one person applies any of the above you will receive your hasanaat until the Day of Judgment ". My first thought is that, I've been receiving this so many times. Perhaps other people are getting the same thing. So why bother to forward?

But then, I think back. Say that everybody who received this email is thinking the same way as I did. Read and ignore. Would it be able to spread that much?
I'm just assuming without verity. How if there are still people out there who new to Islam and need more guidance? How selfish I am.

Now I'm taking only lesser than one minute to just copy and paste it here :)


  • Give a copy of Quran to someone and each time they read from it, you will gain hasanaat.
  • Donate a wheel chair to a hospital and each time a sick person uses it, you will gain hasanaat.
  • Share constructive reading material with someone.
  • Help in educating a child.
  • Teach someone to recite a dua. With each recitation, you will gain hasanaat.
  • Share a dua or Quran CD.
  • Participate in the building of a mosque thru wealth or strength.
  • Place a water cooler in a public place.
  • Plant a tree. Each time any person or an animal sits under its shade or eats from the tree, you will gain hasanaat.

These are only examples. There are more that we can do to gain hasanat.

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