Friday, March 6, 2009


sape pernah donate blood angkat tangan!
dan ini adalah yang pertama dan yang terakhir~

seroiusly i felt nothing during the process
its cool XD
yeah so cool..
just right after the nurse stopped that thing(wutever it was) it's kinda ok..but not so ok kot..
ingat nak pegi class since ade english class, dah la test(thank god it was just listening test)
haih tetibe je rase nak pengsan.seriously didnt expect laen selambe jek...
tp sebab bijak, nak pengsan kne la cari katil kan~ wahaha
she, the doc said that my hp is actually memang low. apekah hp tu pon ak xtau? tp ape2 pon why did she allowed me to donate at d 1st place? haih...perhaps bcos my blood type is O. universal donor la katekan~
at last i was there from 12pm-4pm plus kne masuk air lagi
(esaped english class ^_^)

for one thing, thanks so much to Leo club people who were very2 kind..u guys are mostly thanks for ur kindness..'they were giving me drinks for almost 4 times'. tq jgk kat ifa izzah ngn mas yg tolong aku..sayang korang.muah2.
not to forget ai theng yg pesan kat nad to advice me to eat sweets..hehe

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