Thursday, May 26, 2011

Air conditioning lecture

This was after the half-time break of Building Surveying Science class - only a group of older students left, and the three of us at the back - because we want to eat during the lecture >.<

But unfortunately after the second break, during the tutorial session, the number dropped to only the three of us, and some of the guys - which is less than 10. Apparently this speaker for the air conditioning topic is quite boring but the best part was, when he gave us answers for the assignment! Wohhoo! Luckily we didnt left early and stayed to the end.

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MAZNI said...

Hi Nana, lama tak drop by at your blog, its been awhile, anyway sikitnya orang in your lecture, my lecture pun ada yang macam tu, towards the end of semester, tinggal berapa kerat je, hehe, ok la take care <3 *sounds like m writing a letter to you ;p