Sunday, June 19, 2011

The red moon and random postscrips

"Ok malam ni kena tidur awal, esok nak bangun pagi tengok bulan"


Dang! Missed the chance!

No, it's not because we didn't woke up, but because it was TOO early.
And after several times of going out to the freezing cold checking for the moon I gave up and came back to sleep, only then I realised that the moon had gone. No more moon for that day.

Well I'm not that sad. I'm pretty sure I'd seen the red moon before. Wait, I am so sure of that. Perhaps it was one of the lunar eclipse moment even though I had no idea why the moon was so red at that time. So I have that in mind :)

This is one of the most stunning shot taken during the eclipse. Subhanallah.

Lightning Eclipse from the Planet of the Goats
Credit & Copyright: Chris Kotsiopoulos (GreekSky)

- I got exams on this 21st, 23rd, and 27th, yet I'm still lingering here. It's all because of the moon ^^
- Just now we had our car going for an automatic carwash, the one which you can sit back and relax watching the machine do all the works. Unfortunately, I broke the driver's side mirror only by pinching a little bit of its surface while trying to fold in it for the washing purpose.
- One more random thought. Lately I got really annoyed with certain people on facebook. You wouldn't be adding me as friend because you wanna have a friends collection with my name would you? Weird people.

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