Sunday, June 12, 2011

Winter : Let's own it!

It is already my second winter!

How could I not like the smell of winter when it's so refreshing. Meanwhile, inside, the seeds are growing, waiting for the spring to come after.

As taken from a source, it was narrated from Ibn Mas’ud that he said:

"Most welcome is Winter! In it the blessings descend, and the night becomes long for Qiyaam, and the day becomes short for Siyaam (fasting).”

And so, let us make use of the time and hoping for a better coming Ramadhan.

Perisher Valler NSW, 2010

This is so last year! - WC fever

Winter Trip 2010

P/s : The trip is yet to come after the exams but rite now I'm gladly welcoming the opening season of the winter ^_^

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