Thursday, April 22, 2010

skype-ing with dora

Our conversations was full of laugh, a bit of gossips ;P, and lots of memories. Yeah we did talk about current stuffs, this and that, and such things. But hey, I love the reminiscing-our-school-years part. Those are the times where we used to live without so much problems, have a blast good days, and make friends. How I miss the moment so much!

Suddenly, entah macam mane we came out with this little thing, about the denda "tulis 1000 kali perkataan I MUST NOT BE AT THE CANTEEN DURING CLASS HOUR" masa form 1 dulu. Semua gara-gara 2 orang yang kantoi keluar rehat awal. Ouch that was harsh.

Until now, I clearly remembered the way we write (tulisan hodoh dan cincai), in order to finish that 1000x10 words in less than 1 day. No compromised or you stay in the class till finish. Well, I successfully did them on 16 sheets of paper stapled together at the edge malam tu masa orang dah balek prep pon. I called it miracle ^_^

Thinking of that I feel funny. Sekarang pon buat bende yang sama bila x siap assingments yang due date nya esok
It just that it cannot be called miracle anymore :D

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don't call me doraemon said...

haha aku semakin rindu skolah weh lepas tu. haih.

Nor Liyana Mohamad Rosly said...

yo mestilah. rindu gile!