Thursday, July 22, 2010

When words speak

By any chance, I love learning something from sayings.
I love eloquent lyrics in songs.
That's the thing why I can't have music while studying like other people do.
Otherwise I will tend to study the lyrics instead of the book.

Just now Kak Ili had us watching an Indonesian movie called Sang Murabbi which literally means A Teacher. It's a movie based on a true story of late Ustaz Rahmat Abdullah.

One thing that I learned from it is:

Ada 2 perkara yang kita harus sentiasa ingat;
1. Kebaikan orang lain terhadap kita
2. Keburukan kita terhadap orang lain


Ada 2 perkara yang kita harus lupakan;
1. Kebaikan kita terhadap orang lain
2. Keburukan orang lain terhadap kita

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